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Best Ways to Apply Concrete Coatings

Most concrete coatings require special handling because they are highly toxic. As a result, you need to follow correct procedures. The cement also requires special treatment before it is coated.

Protect Yourself

When you deal with concrete coatings, you need to wear proper protective gear. In addition to wearing protective gear, be sure you ventilate the area well to prevent the toxic fumes of paints, stains and sealants from harming your health.

Clean the Floor

Before you begin to stain the floor, clean it. You can find many concrete cleaners on the market. Use one to remove stains and dirt from the cement. Dirt will ruin the finish.

Apply the Stain

When you apply the stain, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly. Observing the instructions will help prevent accidents and unsatisfactory results.

Clean Up

Dispose of the leftover coating properly. Do not let it drain into the soil, as it can contaminate the water and soil or kill your plants.

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