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3 Places to Use Copper Tiles

Copper tiles are one of the more popular metal tiles and are primarily used as decorative tiles in areas that would not experience any sudden impacts or bumps. This is due to the chemical structure of copper, which results in a tile that is substantially softer than its ceramic counterparts. Make sure that you buy copper tiles with a high copper percentage as opposed to a thin copper cover—as this will reduce the level of flaking that will inevitably occur over the years. 

1. The Kitchen

An excellent place to utilize copper tiles would be the back-pieces and splash-tiles surrounding the kitchen units. There is endless opportunity for creating stunning metallic set-pieces in your kitchen—just don't get the copper tiles wet too often. 

2. The Bedroom

Another great location for your new copper tile creations is the bedroom. Why not purchase smaller copper tiles and cover a bedside table for a shimmering finish that cannot be matched? Think about incorporating custom-cut copper tiles in a new headboard design. 

3. The Bathroom

There's no need to stick to dull stainless steel in your bathroom anymore! With silver metallic bathrooms aging rapidly, make way for the new wave of golden-specked toilets, encrusted mirrors and wonderful bath heads. The boundaries are non-existent!

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