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Advice on Glass Wall Designs

If you are planning on creating a glass wall design on one of you walls, there are several options and materials to choose from. Whether you want to decorate with panes of glass, mirrors or glass tile, you should consider all shapes and sizes to get a creative design. Do not over-decorate with glass however, as the look could become over-whelming.

Decorating with Mirrors

If you decorate with mirrors, you will be able to get a fun design that will allow you to see your room from a different perspective. Decorating with mirrors can also make your room look bigger or open up. If you plan on using several mirrors, it is advisable to several different sizes of mirrors that are unframed. The frames may clutter your wall and ruin the visual effect.

Decorating with Panes of Glass

If you collect, or are planning to collect, glass art, make sure that you place it in an area will the lighting will bring out its beauty. You may even consider installing soft lighting fixtures behind the art to get the correct feel from your art. Choose 2 to 3 nice pieces, but do not over-clutter your wall or the art will go unappreciated.

Decorating with different sizes of colored panes can also give you room an unique look. Like the mirrors, you will want to use frame-less models to get an uncluttered look.

Decorating with Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile is very functional both as a protective surface and as a decorative surface. With many colors and sizes available, you can create patterns and shapes that will allow you to give your home a custom look. Not only are colored tiles available, but frosted looks and clear tile are available as well.

Selecting tile colors that compliment each other or furniture pieces in your room can add a unique sense to your surroundings.

Where to Decorate with Glass

For panes of glass and mirrors, the best places to decorate are in large rooms or in hallways. This gives an artistic look to those areas of your homes. Mirrors along hallways will open up the hallway.

The most popular places for glass tile are in bathrooms and kitchens, though they can be used for murals and other areas as well. Glass tile is a very functional and decorative feature that you can add to any part of your home.

Helping the Environment with Recycled Glass

Not only can decorating with glass add a unique and custom look to your home, you can also help the environment by purchasing glass made from recycled materials.

Many companies have learned to specialize in creating new glass tile, panes and other items out of waste glass. These pieces can often be more beautiful than new glass and you will be able to help the environment by using up wasted glass that would have otherwise filled landfills.

When decorating with glass, it is good to look at all of the options and decide which style of glass you prefer. This way you will be able to decorate your home exactly as you like it.





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