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6 Tools Necessary for Home Studio Soundproofing

Home studio soundproofing will require a few extra tools than what you usually have around the house. As well the materials you need to accomplish this. You are virtually going to build a room within a room.

1. Sound Meter

You are going to need this to help you see what the noise level is at before and after. Also to help with the placement of the soundproofing material as well as speaker placement.

2. Soundproofing Materials

Check around and see which is the best for your room. You can get different types such as Cork, foam, batting, panels, even thick carpet. See which one works for you.

3. Drywall

You will need to put drywall up over top of the soundproofing material.

4. Woodworking Tools

Circular saw, hammer, nails, drill, drywall screws, acoustic sealant, measuring tape,and heavy duty tape are the staples you will need to install the soundproofing and walls.

5. Mounting Racks

You are going to want your speakers up off the ground when you get finished so that the sound doesn't bounce off the walls but rather reverberates around the room.

6. Caulking and Weatherstripping

Around all the windows and door or any other openings, you are going to want to apply these materials. Any gaps will need to be covered up.


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