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5 Types of Glasses of a Complete Home Bar Set

Creating a home bar set means having the proper glasses to serve any drink. The presentation of your drinks is important to creating a welcoming environment. Unless you're holding a huge bash, you'll want to avoid serving in plastic cups. The proper glassware collection will take your parties to a new level and will help set the mood. Read below to discover five types of glasses that every home bar set should include. You can buy many other specialty glasses too, but if you start with the basics, you'll have what you need. You can always expand your home bar set as you go along.

Wine Glasses

There are two basic types of wine glasses: red and white. Red wine glasses have a large mouth and bowl shape. They come in many sizes and shapes, but if you're a red wine drinker, you'll want something with a wide bowl shape that's perfect for aerating the wine. White wine glasses have a more narrow bowl and longer stem. They tend to have smaller bowls. One set of each is a good start.

Beer Glasses

Beer mugs or pilsner glasses are a classic way to serve beer. The shape and style is up to you. Pilsner glasses are tall with an hourglass shape. They are a more refined and formal way to serve beer. Beer mugs are a casual alternative to plastics, bottles or cans.

Highball Glasses

Highball glasses are a must for mixing cocktails. You can find many different glasses meant to serve cocktails, but highballs are a versatile, standard choice. They are short, wide glasses that are usually about 3 inches in diameter. You can serve almost any drink in one, and they can take the place of other specialty glassware.

Shot Glasses

If you want to be able to serve shots, you'll need a collection of shot glasses. Rather than buying a standard 2-oz. shot glass, look for something with a little more character. Many specialty home stores carry a variety of shot glasses that come in interesting shapes and sizes. They'll add some fun and whimsy to your bar.

Specialty Glasses

Specialty glasses are those meant for a particular drink. They have specific, recognizable shapes. Margarita and martini glasses are two examples. You don't need a complete set of specialty glasses unless you make a certain drink all the time. You can serve margaritas in a highball, but a martini needs its own glass. Since specialty glasses can tend to take up space and collect dust, only buy the ones you need.

If you start with these glasses for your home bar set, you'll have everything you need. As you travel and shop, you may find unique pieces to add to your collection. Fun glasses can become a conversation piece and will give your bar character. Also, if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, remember that many of these glasses also come in resin and heavy-duty plastic so you can get the look of real glass without the potential hazard. It's easy to get carried away buying glasses for your home bar set, so consider how often you'll use something before committing to a whole set.

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