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Smoking rooms, or cigar rooms as they are sometimes called, are traditionally spaces designed for the man of the house. In years past, men would retire to the smoking room to indulge in cigars and discussion free of their wives. The modern use of smoking rooms isn’t much different. This is the place where men go to watch sports, have a few beers, and of course, smoke. 

The décor of a smoking room is completely up to you. However, these rooms are usually outfitted in a very masculine design. The décor will be free of flowers and frilly accents. Many smoking rooms feature a dark, rich color scheme with luxurious fabrics. When selecting fabric for the furniture that will go in the smoking room, you should consider the following.

1. Velvet

With its texture and deep color concentration, velvet is always a great choice for a smoking room. You can feature velvet on a sofa or an oversized chair. Brown velvet is a beautiful choice for any large piece of furniture that will anchor a room.

2. Leather

What smoking room would be complete without a little bit of leather? Leather is great for a smoking room because it definitely adds a masculine edge. You can feature it distressed or polished and it can even be accented with nail heads. Leather is also a great choice because it can be cleaned easily.

3. Microfiber

Enter any furniture showroom today and you will find a selection of furniture pieces covered in microfiber. Microfiber is great because you can achieve the look of suede or velvet for a fraction of the cost. Microfiber is designed to be easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of colors.

4. Masculine Prints

You may not go for an entire sofa or set of chairs in a printed fabric. However, a print fabric can definitely break up the monotony of any color scheme and add accents. You want to make sure, however, that any print you use in a smoking room is masculine in design. An easy way to get ideas for prints is to peruse a collection of men’s neckties.

5. Suede

Suede is one of the richest fabrics available. It absorbs color very well and fits like a glove into the theme of a traditional smoking room. Lounge chairs covered in suede would be a beautiful addition to any smoking room. Since it stains rather easily, remember to treat your  suede furniture before using it.

6. Purple and Red

Purple and red don’t seem to fit the traditional masculine color scheme. However, if you choose to design your smoking room in a dark, traditional décor, you will need to accent with some other color. Brown, tan, gold, burgundy, and deep greens look beautiful together but can be a bit boring. Adding a few roll pillows or a large throw in a deep purple or crimson red will break up the color scheme and add a pop of color.

Now that you know the best fabrics for a smoking room, you can select your furniture and begin enjoying your masculine space.

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