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4 Wood Types to Use in a Smoking Room

A smoking room is a place to enjoy a fine cigar or cigarette in the privacy of your own home. Without having to go outside and without filling other common parts of the house with smoke, a smoking room doubles as a decorative study, den or man cave. In terms of decorating, put some thought into your smoking room. It can be as comfortable, cozy and aesthetically pleasing as you wish to make it. Decorating your smoking room with wood gives it an old fashioned, rustic feel. Whether the room features wood furniture, floors, trim, molding, wainscoting or exposed beams, the right wood is key to style and longevity. 

Dark wood is your best bet for the smoking room, whether it is the furniture or for the wall and/or floor. Since you use the room for indoor cigar or cigarette smoking, after time the smoke will stain lighter woods, painted walls and other surfaces. While the room should be periodically cleaned for best results, the staining power of smoke will not mar the appearance of dark wood decorations. Here are 4 types of dark wood that are ideal choices for decorating a smoking room. 

1. Dark Alder

With two main varieties of dark alder, one features deep browns while the other is laced with noticeably deep reds. The wood grains intermix streaks of lighter wood with the darker bands, making elements of it look superimposed onto the rest. Dark alder would be an excellent choice for broad molding, exposed beam finish or wood paneling. Wood finished furniture as richly deep as dark alder would also not show any wear. 

2. Dark Oak

Much like the dark alder variety, dark oak shows more than a hint of red through the grain. It does not have the swirling attributes of alder, but oak has the appearance of ancient wind-blasted layers of hardened red rock. With its alternating light and dark streaks, its vivid texture would bring the wood decorations of your room to life. Dark oak would make excellent table and shelf furniture as well as the door and trimming elements. 

3. Black Walnut

About as light as you should go in a smoking room is walnut. Black walnut is common on wood panels, flooring, trim and other woodworking elements in a room. While not black as its name implies, like dark oak and alder, it has a reddish tint to the predominate brown that comprises it. The thin grain of black walnut makes it easy to work with and a perfect wood for numerous uses including furniture. 

4. Ebony

While you won’t likely use ebony to cover large areas, in small doses it adds a strikingly black ambiance to portions of your smoking room. Ebony, like its name suggests, is entirely black, so it is ideal for small sections of decorative trim or furniture. 

There are numerous types of wood that you can use to decorate your smoking room. While dark woods will enclose the room and make it feel smaller than it may be, they reveal smoke stains less than lighter woods and add regal charm to your indoor smoking sanctuary.

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