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There is a lot of satisfaction in a DYI home renovation. Depending upon your skill level, amount of time you have to work and the amount of money you want to put into the project, there are numerous projects you can undertake.

The fastest and cheapest renovation is always paint.  Whether you paint the exterior door of your home and the shutters and trim a striking color that catches the eye, or an elegant quiet color that says welcome to a peaceful home you can get huge results with a few hours work and a bucket of paint. Exterior color gives curb appeal and can make an otherwise drab house stand out. While you're working on the outside, consider cutting back bushes and plantings, or removing them entirely and freshening your landscape with bushes that stay green all year. Flowers that compliment the paint colors you've added and some fresh mulch.  This could all be accomplished in a weekend project.

On the inside of your home, renovating it and giving it a fresh look with paint is also easy. If you don't want plain painted walls, try a technique such as ragging, sponging or feathering to give the walls a textured look. In fact, anything you can press into paint will give it a textured look, so let your imagination go wild and try different things. There are also many paints available that will give unusual looks such as a peeling paint look of an old barn, a stucco look, glitter paint and paint that looks and feels like seude when it dries. A word of warning however, the seude look paint is not something you should try if you are a beginner at using these types of finishes. It must be applied quickly and in small areas.  You must always work with a wet edge or the effect can be ruined by the paint being too thick in areas of overlap.

If your floors are looking old and worn or damaged, consider replacing them yourself with the new laminates on the market. This flooring is very durable, comes in many wood grains and styles from contemporary oak to warm mellow cherry and even distressed looks. Laying laminate hardwood flooring is not difficult with proper preparation and a bit of measuring. Purchase the type that has the under layment  attached so you can skip the whole step of laying down the felt padding. Start on a long wall and use a lazerlevel or chalk string to mark a straight line for your first row to be against. From there it is just a matter of following manufacturers directions, cutting the boards to size and tapping them in place. A power saw is best for cutting as a hand saw would greatly slow you down.

Laminates that go down in sections and look like ceramic tile are now available in some retail markets. When they are installed they look exactly like ceramic tile and even have grout lines. These would be ideal for a kitchen, entryway or bathroom.


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