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Different Staircase Construction Designs

Different Staircase Construction Designs

Staircase construction is something that many people take for granted. The staircase in your home is a permanent fixture. This means that once you make a decision on your design it can not be easily changed without an extensive remodeling project. Just as there are many different designs for how a room can be configured, there are just as many designs for a staircase. This does not mean that there are not some standard staircase construction designs that are in use today. Here are a few designs you might incorporate into your new home or remodel.

Straightforward Staircase Design

This is the standard staircase that goes from floor to floor in one straight shot. For many homes this is all that there is room for. A more modern home will make use of different designs and only use this straight shot approach for basement access. 

L-Shaped Staircase Design

Another fairly standard staircase design is one that has a long stairway with a small landing at the bottom with a few stairs going in another direction. This is typically referred to as an L-shaped staircase construction. This type of design is used when the stairway is against a wall and the owner wants to wrap around one corner. This staircase design can be completely hidden behind a wall, or open to view. 

Spiral Staircase Construction

Another very popular type of staircase construction is the spiral design. This type of staircase is mostly made out of metal and used in rooms like a dining room, kitchen, or foyer for access to upper levels. Condos and townhomes also have this type of stairway included within for a space-saving feature. 

Open Design

Homeowners who favor contemporary design often make use of different materials and configurations. An open design means that the entire staircase is open to view. The stairs themselves are not blocked in with any wood structure. The risers are open and the treads are usually made out of metal. Mostly used in new homes, these metal modern staircases can be found in lofts, industrial buildings, and outside buildings.

Split Level Design

For a period of time in the 1980s a split level staircase construction design was very popular among people who wanted to build their own homes. This split-level design connected the bottom level with the top level through a series of landings and turns. It was all encapsulated by walls, making it difficult to maneuver heavy or large furniture objects. 

Open Rail Design

A favorite among people with older homes and want to keep the feel of the construction intact is the use of wrought iron railings on their staircase. These railings give the staircase an old world appeal and fit nicely with straight or curved staircases.

Large, Elegant, Flowing Design

Older homes that have a large stately appeal will incorporate the flowing and elegant staircase design. This type of staircase starts in a large foyer area and has a very large bottom opening which tapers as you ascend. They have a wide open expanse and give the entire home a focal point where people congregate. 

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