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Determining What Soundproof Insulation Materials to Use

To determine what soundproof insulation materials you need, first you must determine the type of soundproofing you are going to be doing. There are two types of soundproofing: noise reduction and noise absorption. Different materials are needed for each. Unfortunately, what works for one never works for the other. For the most effective soundproof insulation, a combination of noise reduction and absorption is recommended.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is reducing the amount of noise that can be heard through a wall or window. To soundproof this way, you use mass and space. The most common way is to build walls with large spaces behind them so you can use filler to dampen the noise reduction. Use spray on cellulose behind the walls for best results.

Noise Absorption

Noise absorption is achieved by using something to essentially absorb the noise. Absorption stops the echoes, reverberations, and vibrations of noise. It hinders the sound waves. Use material that will dampen and absorb the noise on everything in your room, for example your carpet, furniture, ceiling tile even your walls. It is also a good idea to layer. More than one layer of soundproofing material on your walls will provide better absorption.

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