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Contemporary Approach to Resin Countertops

The introduction of resin countertops came with the need to provide another hard surface as an alternative to marble and granite materials. The composition of this material is generally created from recycled paper and glues to create artificial, yet very authentic surfaces to both touch and appearance. They are more cost efficient than traditional marble and granite surfaces, and when damaged are easier to repair or replace than normal hard stone surfaces. 

Visually Appealing and Realistic

You can find and in many cases have resin countertops designed and built to your needs at most surfacing centers. They can special order your top to look exactly like the old traditional one that needs to be replaced. You can also add this modern surface to your home at a fraction of the cost of traditional surfaces such as marble and granite. It can be made to imitate everything from wood to marble and slate, and is as visually appealing as it is to the touch. This material can be surfaced to imitate nearly any material that you may need for your home, and requires less upkeep than traditional building materials.

Composite Materials have a Longer Life

When utilizing resin countertops it is important to know that they require less maintenance to keep them in shape. Because of this they generally can maintain a longer life, and in the case of replacement and repair, you will save money. These surfaces are created under extreme pressure, and those that fabricate this material are nothing short of visual artists. Composite materials are more durable to impacts and weather condition changes that can effect traditional surfaces in a bad way, such as mold build up or weather cracking.

Costs Compared to Traditional Surfaces

When you place resin countertops next to traditional materials you will notice that they are very similar. The surfaces are the same in thickness and texture to the touch. The differences you will notice is that a marble surface will be cool to the touch, as a resin surface will not. This means that the resin material is less temperature conductive which can also help your counters from warping and bending under the temperature changes from the surface over time. The cold surface temperature of marble, when in contact with wood that may be at a warmer temperature, can cause condensation under your counter tops which is conductive to mold growth.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance for resin countertops is a fraction of what needs to be done on traditional surfaces. The material itself is inexpensive and easier to repair from cracks or breaks, than traditional marble or granite surfaces. If a granite counter was to crack, temperature changes over time will cause it to spread very quickly, forcing you to replace the entire surface. Resin surfaces do not feel the effects of shrinking and warping, from the effects of temperature and moisture like traditional surface materials. Keeping them clean does not require special steps to prevent damage as with other materials that if not maintained properly can malfunction over time and have to be replaced. You can add that visual feel to your home, without having to deal with the headaches of maintaining real stone, and very few will know the difference. 

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