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4 Essential Tiki Bar Furniture

It is fun to add tiki bar furniture around your pool or patio. The word “tiki," from the Polynesian Maori language, refers to wooden statues of a man who represents the first man in Polynesian myth. When keeping up a tropical or an island theme, don’t forget these essential pieces of tiki furniture.

The Movable Tiki Bar

A bar that can be pushed from indoors to the patio to poolside is a must for entertaining outdoors. The tiki bar is commonly made from bamboo and covered by a thatched roof to exude an authentic tropical aura. Different sizes and shapes will help fit your budget and space, and look for  wheels to allow for easy storage and increased flexibility. Price can also be affected by the countertop material which may be made of lava rock, bamboo or plywood.

Totem Pole Stools

A tiki theme isn’t complete without the tiki (a wooden statue of a man) himself. If you are going to purchase a bar, stools will be a necessity. Some stools have carved tiki legs, or lamps or tables may incorporate the design. Don’t forget to use cushions for your stools that match your theme. Choose bright colors to contrast with the all the dark shades of the wood furniture.

Tiki Torches

A tiki torch adds natural light to a setting that is supposed to be reminiscent of the wilderness times. Place tiki torches at entrances, along walkways or to draw attention to an important element like the bar, table or swimming pool.

Shade Umbrellas and Tables

When sitting out in the sun and drinking alchohol, a shade umbrellas is vital for fighting off dehydration and welcoming relaxation. Try to find umbrellas that match the thatched umbrella over your bar, If you can afford more than one, different sizes for different tables can add a little variety. Common umbrella sizes are 5, 7 and 9 feet in diameter. Too much of the same can be redundant and tacky; since island-themed furniture is commonly made from just a couple different materials (bamboo, wicker), look for ways to add variety. Tall cocktail tables or shorter bistro tables can add elegance and comfort to your tiki-themed paradise.

When decking out your bar, don’t forget these essential pieces of tiki furniture!

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