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Caring For Marble Tile

Marble tiles are an elegant addition to any home, and can last for many years in pristine condition when properly cared for.

Prevent Stains

Marble is a porous stone that easily absorbs liquids, resulting in stains and discoloration. You must wipe any liquid spills immediately. Acidic liquids like lime juice, vinegar, and tomato juice are most unsafe, because they corrode the marble. Never wipe any spills, because this will increase the affected area. Use a sponge to absorb the liquid and clean the surface.

Indoor plants can leak water resulting in stains on the marble floor tiles. Always place house plants on waterproof trays that can collect excess water or elevate them off the floor with by placing them on a rack or bases.

Marble must be sealed using av manufacturer-recommended sealant. Sealants protect the surface of marble tiles from stains by penetrating the surface of the marble and filling the microscopic pores.

Protect From Breakage and Scratches

Marble is not unbreakable, and heavy objects falling on marble tiles can result in cracks. Never drag heavy furniture across marble tiles. This can result in deep, permanent scratches. Protect marble tiles from scratches by covering furniture legs with plastic pads. Use rugs on marble tile floors that are close to the outside of the house. This will block most of the dirt and grit.

Use Cleaners Carefully

Never use cleaners that contain acidic substances or bleach. Always use neutral cleaning solutions that are safe for use on marble. Clean the marble tiles once or twice a week using a mop and room-temperature water. You can also dry mop marble tiles daily to remove dust particles and grit.

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