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Budget Minded Spiral Staircase Plan

A spiral staircase plan can be created even if you are on a budget by using a spiral stair kit. You will need to take the distance measurements from the floor to the ceiling just as you would with any staircase plan. You can purchase the plans for a spiral staircase kit and install it yourself. There is no welding involved in the installation of this kit. You can look on the Internet for dealers and select the best companies to contact. When contacting these companies, have your measurements ready along with any questions you may have. 


You will need to measure the height from floor to floor. The bottom of the floor measurement is simple, but measuring the ceiling height has to be from floor to floor if you have not cut the opening. If you have already cut the opening, you will have to measure from the floor to the top of the opening. You will also need measurements for your well opening. These are finished measurements. The well opening needs to be two inches larger than the stair diameter. 

Riser Height

If you find that you are short of treads, you will need to remember that the spiral stairs are not measured exactly like straight stairs are. They have to have a higher height for the risers in order to work. The instruction manual that came with your stair kit should determine the right riser height for your stairs. Even if you are going to use optional oak tread coverings, the riser height should still have some allowance.


Assembly for a budget minded spiral staircase plan can be done in a day. It is recommended to have another person there to help with the installation. A contractor is not needed for this install but it is advisable to have one for the cutting that will be required for the opening. The contractor will also be able to route pipes and electrical wires in another direction out of the way of the install.

Decorating/Painting Your Spiral Stair Kit

Since you may be installing your staircase on a budget, you may have had to order one more in your price range that is not the color you desire. You can paint the stairs from the staircase kit. The painting should be done after the install instead of before. This eliminates any scratches that may happen during the actual install. If you paint the stair kit stairs, use an oil-based enamel paint. Latex paints are not recommended. If you have primed stairs, paint them after they have been assembled. Galvanized stairs need to weather before you paint them. Before you paint the weathered galvanized stairs, consult with your local paint store. They will select the right primer and paint for you.

Before Installation

Always read the manual that comes with the staircase kit before you begin to install it. If you have any problems or questions, you can call the manufacturer's number in the manual. They should be able to help you or address any problems you may have. 

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