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Best Reasons to Build an External Staircase

An external staircase is something that must be used when certain circumstances present themselves. Like any other staircase, the external staircase is used to span the distance from the ground to an upper level balcony, deck, or doorway. These staircases are build from a wide variety of different materials such as wood, metal, stone, and concrete. Many new home builders, or DIY home renovators run into some instances when the need for an external staircase is present. Here are a few reasons when the use of the external staircase is needed.

Uneven Terrain

The biggest reason that a builder will employ the use of an external staircase is when the landscape around the home is uneven, or on a slope. This makes the use of a flat walkway, and entryway, virtually impossible. However, with the use of an external stairway, the builder can start an entryway at the bottom of the slope and use the stairs to reach the upper level. Mostly this is found where available acreage is not ideal or where there the foundation has been cut into the side of a sloping hill. Many split level homes require the use of an external staircase to the front entrance. 

Reach High Balconies

One of the items that many home renovators like to see added to their home is a balcony off of their master bedroom. This balcony is used for sitting and relaxing or placing a hot tub. Entry to the balcony is through the bedroom, but many homeowners do not want people going through their bedroom to get to the balcony. An external staircase is something that should be added not only for privacy, but also for another escape route in case of emergency. 

Backyard Deck

When a home is built into the side of a hill, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done in retaining walls and grading for a level foundation. Instead of having to dig further into the hill, or doing more landscape work, a deck is usually attached to the second floor, or above a basement level garage. An external staircase makes much better sense than having to go into the home and then onto the deck. Incorporating the external staircase into the surrounding landscape also provides a great look. 

Fire Escape

Another reason for building an external staircase is to serve as a fire escape. This is important for homes that have second, and even third stories, or with an upper apartment building. These staircases can be small metal stairway that leads to a window instead of having a full doorway. 

Basement Apartments

An external staircase does not only have to go upwards. There are many people today who are trying to make their mortgages by supplementing their income with a basement apartment. The entrance to these apartments is dug out away from the side of the basement. A staircase is then built down towards the front door of the apartment. 

Second Floor Apartment

When a house is being split up into apartments sometimes an extra set of stairs is necessary, An external staircase to a second floor apartment will provide a private entrance. 

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