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Basement soundproofing can create family harmony. Basements are a good place to play music, watch the game or set up your workshop. But your family might not appreciate all the noise you make while having fun. A few simple tools can help you to insulate your space.

Seal the Leaks

One easy fix is to caulk the ceiling seams with acoustical caulking. Also seal any plumbing or electrical connections. This keeps sound from leaking up through the ceiling to the floor above. The only tool you need for that is a caulk gun.

Foam Insulation

You can apply foam insulation on the walls or the ceiling. A foam cutting knife will make the job easier. Use a staple gun to secure it to the studs.

Acoustical Tiles

If you already have a drop ceiling the basement, you can easily take out the regular ceiling tiles and replace them with special acoustical tiles. While you are up there on the ladder check to see if there is any insulation on the ceiling behind the tiles. No tools are required for this one. You can also get acoustical tiles with an adhesive backing for the walls. These are easy to install and the only tool you need is a tile cutter or utility knife to fit them exactly.

You can make your basement your refuge and nobody has to appreciate your music but you.

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