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5 Remodeling Ideas for Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding closet doors are typically stale and boring to look at. Many of these doors are painted one color, made out of cheap wood and just kind of sit there begging you to give it a closet... read more >>

5 Tips for Replacing a Wet Bar Sink

You may have more than one reason to replace your wet bar sink. It may not be working; it could be out of style with renovations you have made to the bar area, or it may simply be too... read more >>

5 Tips for Soundproofing Drywall Ceilings

Soundproofing drywall ceilings can stop you suffering the noise of other people moving around above you. There are quite a few solutions available which have become increasingly popular over... read more >>

5 Steps for Designing a Breezeway

There are several factors that you will want to consider in designing a breezeway for your home. A breezeway is a structure that usually connects the house with an outside building such as... read more >>

5 Types of Kitchen Backsplashes

When designing a a kitchen, backsplashes seldom receive anywhere close to the amount of attention that counter-tops, cabinets and flooring receive. However, that does not mean they are... read more >>

6 Smoking Room Furniture Fabrics

Smoking rooms, or cigar rooms as they are sometimes called, are traditionally spaces designed for the man of the house. In years past, men would retire to the smoking room to indulge in cigars... read more >>

5 Non-Slip Tread Ideas for a Wood Stair Tread

There are a number on non-slip options for wood stair tread. From paints, to tape, rubber, vinyl, and even carpet, there are all kinds of options to make sure that your wood stairs are not... read more >>