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Adding Timber Stairs To Your Home

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Cutting Into A Marble Slab

Special machinery is needed for cutting into a marble slab. Marble can be a fragile and expensive material, which is why knowing how to correctly cut a marble slab is important.

Machine...

Cutting Into Faux Marble

When many home owners look for an alternative to costly countertops, they often consider faux marble finishes. Faux marble is a painting technique that you can do with several layers of paint... read more >>

Deciding What Kind of Insulation to Use for Basement Soundproofing

You’re watching the game in the basement and your wife isn’t happy about the noise so you should probably look into basement soundproofing. One way to lower the noise transfer... read more >>

Decorating with Architectural Corbels

Architectural corbels can either be decorative or structural depending on why you want to put one in your home. Corbels add a touch of class to any home when used for decorating. Here is... read more >>

Decorative Balusters for the Fashion Minded

Stair sticks do not only serve as braces for your stairs, and this is evident in the increasing popularity of decorative balusters. Baluster is actually a French word, which refers to the... read more >>

Decorating With Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles are an attractive trend in decorating a home inside and out. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are economically priced.

Outdoor Decorating

Concrete tiles...

Decorative Concrete: Cheap, Sleek, and Chic

Decorative concrete is very different from sidewalk variety concrete. It is a versatile building material that is not only cheap, but can be easily manipulated to fit your needs.

Concrete...