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4 Methods of Tile Grout Removal

Each method for tile grout removal is different, they all work very well. At the end of the task you are going to have to clean it out the same way for each, but getting there can be accomplished... read more >>

4 Tile Mural Backsplash Designs

Tile mural backsplash designs are a great way of jazzing up your kitchen. Many people choose a mural tile as part of the cooker top backsplash to take away the dull look that some cookers... read more >>

4 Types of Wooden Stair Stringers

Wooden stair stringers come in a variety of woods and options. The stringer is basically the backbone of any staircase. They are the notched pieces of wood that run for the entire length... read more >>

4 Wood Types to Use in a Smoking Room

A smoking room is a place to enjoy a fine cigar or cigarette in the privacy of your own home. Without having to go outside and without filling other common parts of the house... read more >>

5 Benefits for Building a Breezeway

Essentially an outdoor hallway, a breezeway is a design feature that serves a number of purposes. It allows wind to pass between adjacent structures, acting like a bypass valve for gusts.... read more >>

5 Backsplash Maintenance Tips

Having a backsplash is a great way to save your walls from stains and soils, but the backsplash itself also has to have proper maintenance. Each type of backsplash that is installed requires... read more >>

4 Tips for Removing Wall Tile

If you are planning on removing wall tile for your next project, here are a few tips that will help the process go smoothly.

Removing One Tile

If you are only taking off one tile because... read more >>

5 Home Studio Design Ideas

The way you decorate your home studio will depend largely on its intended use. Whether it’s an artist’s studio, a reading room, an exercise escape, or a music studio, will... read more >>

5 Different Types of Joist Design Explained

Since joists fulfill aesthetic as well as practical purposes in construction, joist designs should be considered before construction begins. Here are five common joist designs.

1. Timber...

5 Home Bar Designs with Bamboo

When you are considering home bar designs, one material that can give you a feeling of pure relaxation is bamboo. You can construct your own beach-style bar and feel like you are on holiday... read more >>

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