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Caring For Marble Tile

Marble tiles are an elegant addition to any home, and can last for many years in pristine condition when properly cared for.

Prevent Stains

Marble is a porous stone that easily absorbs... read more >>

Care and Maintenance of an Oak Staircase

Having an oak staircase in your home certainly adds character and warmth. Oak stairs and railings are definitely best left unpainted because the grain of oak is so quirky. If an oak staircase... read more >>

Choosing a Texture for Your Concrete Floor

A concrete floor does not have to be plain and smooth. Texturing is one way you can spice up your floor. Before you choose your texture, however, you should consider a few things.


Where...

Choosing the Best Anchors for Concrete Walls

When you want to install shelves on your concrete walls, it is important to make sure that you get the best anchors for your needs. Whether you want to put shelves on your living room, kitchen... read more >>

Common Problems With Marble Mantels

Marble has long been a staple material for use in high-end mantel design, but it has recently gained wider popularity. Before you purchase a marble mantel for your fireplace... read more >>

Concrete Tile: Sealing, Care, and Protection

Concrete tile can add beauty to any home, inside or out. Use it for flooring in your kitchen or bathroom or outdoors on a patio, pool deck, driveway or roof. There are many benefits to choosing... read more >>

Concrete Stain: Mix It In or Paint It On?

A concrete stain will enliven your carport, driveway, sidewalk or other concrete surface by giving it an appealing color. Coating concrete with a stain is a relatively simple process that... read more >>

Consider a Circular Stair for Space Savings

A circular stair is designed to conserve space with a beautiful appearance. It is very flexible, it that it can be fit into any home needing stairs and can be customized for individual taste.... read more >>