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Appealing Designs for Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile setups, also known as glass brick walls, are one of the most common fixtures and design approaches that people take to designing a bathroom or a kitchen space. Glass walls... read more >>

Alternating Tread Staircase Design Ideas

Alternating tread staircases are used in small spaces because they are some of the best ways to add square footage, short of using a ladder. An alternating stairs design though will allow... read more >>

Are Spiral Staircase Kits Difficult to Install?

Spiral staircase kits are a great idea when you want to add a staircase to your home. It also serves as a decorative detail to any room. It can add a contemporary flair or a traditional detail... read more >>

Aluminum Stairs for the Modern Look

Aluminum stairs are fantastic statements to place in a home for a modern alternative to wood. New style warehouse conversions with open plan living lend themselves perfectly to the brick... read more >>

Artistic Backsplash Patterns to Consider

Backsplashes keep walls much cleaner, especially in the kitchen. When deciding on which type of backsplash to use, think about the colors in the area that will house the backsplash. They... read more >>

Applying Finish to Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls are commonly seen in households and commercial buildings. These walls are either constructed from concrete blocks or poured concrete. Applying finish is a process wherein the... read more >>

Alternatives to Baseboards

Baseboards are used to hide the ends of wood flooring, carpeting, and tile at the wall of a room. Baseboards also help to hold down wall-to-wall carpeting. They can enhance a room by outlining... read more >>

Asymmetrical Tile Floor Shower Design

Similar to a jig-saw puzzle, or mosaic; creating an asymmetrical tile floor shower design requires lots of planning.

Grid It Out

It is absolutely necessary to create the design on paper... read more >>